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We Have Abundant Energy For All Time
From the Intelligence Processing Network ( IPN ) of the Planetary Bill of Rights Project
April 2nd, 2012

For decades now, the United States has been bogged down in a futile and time-wasting debate between environmental extremists and more rational people, about what path to take for the "energy independence" we all long for. The environmental extremists have been winning, and we're still dependent on foreign oil. Gas prices are sky high, and experts in the industry tell the Planetary Bill of Rights Project that it has as much to do with refinery capacity as it does with crude oil prices. No new refineries have been allowed to be built in about the last forty years, and about twenty refineries have actually had to shut down because of more extreme environmental regulations.

We see the effect of having a refinery here in the Denver area, where our gas prices are often twenty five to thirty cents below the "national average", because we have our own refinery. Every time we drive by and see the cloud of steam rising from it on cold days, we think; There's 25-30 cents off our gas prices.

Intelligence experts also tell us that Iran's decades-old evil totalitarian dictatorship would soon collapse if oil prices fell too much, so their "leaders" are always stirring up tensions in the middle east, for profit and to retain their power and control over people who deserve to finally be free.

Yet "alternative" energy in the forms of wind and solar have yet to become economically competitive in the free market, and largely remain pet projects of government agencies, which waste tax slave money on them to no end, without any significant changes in this situation. Not to mention that the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow, so these are not consistent and reliable energy sources, and never will be. They could fill every square inch of space in the United States with solar panels and it would not be enough to power the whole nation's electricity needs alone, just during daylight hours with full sunshine over the entire nation.

And our current government, beholden to the environmental extremists, claims that "drill baby drill" is not viable either, because it would take years to see significant results. Yet they've been blocking it for decades - we could have seen results decades ago, but they were blocking it this whole time! And the current administration has blocked all drilling in the gulf, most offshore drilling, and the pipeline from Canada now, and then they're claiming credit for increases in production despite their policies, that were initiated during the last administration and this administration has been unable to block!

So what's an energy-weary nation to do?

Well what about nuclear energy?

"There is enough nuclear fuel to last far longer than man will inhabit the earth." - Physics Professor Emeritus Dr. Howard Hayden, author of The Energy Advocate.

But environmental extremists point to Chernobyl and post tsunami Japan as examples of why we should still fear nuclear energy, while they chant the tired old mantra of the 50's and 60's, "NO NUKES!".

But give reason a chance.

Chernobyl was a 1950's technology nuclear reactor and didn't even have a modern containment vessel. That design also allowed it to fail in the meltdown mode, also known as "China Syndrome" after the sensationalized but unrealistic anti-nuclear Hollywood propaganda movie.

The Japanese reactors that leaked were a little more advanced - 1970's technology. They leaked because they weren't designed for the stress that they underwent from the tsunami. No one ever expected it. And what was the ratio of people killed by them, compared to the numbers killed by the never-previously-experienced tsunami?

And the fact is that IPN has spoken with nuclear engineers and the technology has changed so immensely since the 1950's and the 1970's, that comparing nuclear reactor technology from then, to the safe clean designs of today, would be like comparing a 1950's ( all vacuum tubes ) or 1970's CRT TV set to a LCD flat screen HDTV of today.

In fact, we're told that today's nuclear scientists have safe clean and pre-designed and packed nuclear reactor designs that could be pre-approved and built en masse all over this country. They even found new methods to recycle the waste. If one were to be subjected to forces of nature that exceeded the Japanese tsunami, it might break off and roll down the street without ever leaking.

So the differences in technology are truly amazing.

In the 21st century, it would now be entirely possible to rapidly construct pre-packaged and approved safe clean nuclear power plant designs that could power this whole nation, every home, business and car for all time to come, without ever having to be dependent on foreign oil or other fossil fuels again. Yes, total independence. It need only be declared, and the obstructionists who seem to hate all presence of humanity on the face of the earth, would need to be swept out of the way, in the name of true progress and "the greater good".

In fact there's even better news. It could all be built with private investment money. All that would have to be done, is to clear the way for private entrepreneurs to be able to safely invest for the long term ( decades, even centuries into the future ), without the threat of environmental obstructivist lawsuits and government regulations that now harrass them so badly that they won't even consider it. Then consortiums could be formed to gather private investment money and build safe clean nuclear power, that would work when the sun didn't shine and the wind didn't blow, for as long as humans would inhabit the earth.

We have the technology, the uneducated obstructionists and/or those with anti-human and/or socialist political agendas that don't want the United States to succeed and prosper, are the only things stopping us now!


Our nation is now in one of the worst droughts in history, about to rival the "Dust Bowl" conditions of the 1930's. It's causing skyrocketing food prices and some are saying that it could lead to food shortages and possibly even global economic collapse and famine. But it didn't need to happen.


Because 2/3 of our planet's surface is covered with water. There are only two problems - challenges that need to be solved: Desalinating it ( removing the salt ) and getting it to where it's needed, for example the farms of the heartland of our nation, which are often far from the coasts.

Well I have good news for you. It can be done, and could have been happening by now, except for the decades of pseudo-environmental obstructionism that have been aimed at nuclear energy in our country.


If we had enough nuclear energy, as the above proposal suggests, it could also be harnessed to the task of massive desalinization of sea water. Israel has done this for many decades, to "make the desert bloom" and grow food on land that no one could previously grow anything on, so there's no reason that a nation the size, and with the resources of, the United States couldn't do it.

The second part can be accomplished in a similar manner as the proposed Keystone Pipeline, which has also been blocked by pseudo-environmental obstructionists. After the water is desalinated by the nuclear plants, pipe it inland, also using nuclear energy to run the pumps, to a distribution network that would feed the farms all across this nation that need the water. Then sell it to the farmers, who I'm sure would be glad to buy it. This can create a new 21st century age of farming and allow farmers across this, or any other nation, to grow crops that they could never grow before, despite any and all droughts.

This could all have been done before, except for the obstruction of the nuclear energy programs, even though the above-mentioned safe clean and pre-packaged new designs have been around for many years now. But if we have political leadership that isn't working as hard as they can to collapse and globalize the United States, and would actually have the best interests of the people of this nation at heart, this could be done as a sort of "Manhattan Project", as a first national priority. Now that you know, will you demand that your leaders do it? How soon it can be done depends on you!

Melissa Brookstone
Author and Founder of
"The Planetary Bill of Rights Project